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Try it out and see for yourself. Give yourself a break and experience this space together with me, no strings attached. Let's make your dream come true! If we decide to work together here are some things I offer: 1 hour one-on-one: 995:- VAT included 101 Days, The Extensive Program: We will go through day-by-day intensive training and you will receive audio and text messages every day throughout the program as well as follow-up meetings with me for an hour every week or two hours every second week. The audio messages are yours to keep as well as the manuscripts. At the end of the program, you will experience a different life, be more productive, and feel more alive than ever before. If this sounds like the experience for you, the cost for this program is 9995:- VAT included. Spend 6 months or one whole year with me: This includes the complete 101 Days program as well as 40 one-on-one coaching sessions and two full weekend sessions, (Sat and Sun 10-17) where we will spend time together exploring whatever is on your mind. You will also be able to contact me at any time by email and by phone. If you want to take a deep dive and fully discover the magic of your mind, I highly recommend this course! Pricing is fluid, please contact me for further details! ​Special offer: Due to the escalation of the recent coronavirus outbreak, times are tough for all of us. Being uncertain about the situation is understandable, and unsurprisingly this is taking its toll on people's wellbeing. At the same time, believe it or not, there is time for a realisation to see something new. We now have an opportunity to slow down and nourish food from your thoughts. To reconsider and evaluate, to find peace in our hearts. To look inside and see that success is everywhere. So if you wish to plant a seed for the future and to have a conversation on any topic, it is free of charge, with no strings attached. Please get in touch to arrange a suitable time. In my mind, it's essential we look after each other, now and always. Don't hesitate to take the first step - if it is never accomplished it may be the only thing you will ever regret! Select a suitable time for a free session, and let's figure out if this is for you!